UXstorm UXsheets Application With patent pending mapping technology

  • Using SpreadSheets
    Easy to use
    Quick to design and build
    Powerful calculation engine
    You have many today in your processes
    Not Enterprise reportable
    Version management (which one???)
    Distributing new versions
    Each is a separate database
  • Native ServiceNow
    Extensive reporting
    Controls application
    Central access
    Forms-based application
    Nothing like the Spreadsheet
    Too many windows/forms
    Calculations are Javascript
    A good UI takes time to implement
  • UXsheets & ServiceNow
    ServiceNow & SpreadSheet advantages
    Eliminates previous disadvantages
    Major Benefits
    Reduce deployment / development costs
    Leverage your existing infrastructure investment
    Increase user adoption and satisfaction
    Migrate Shadow IT spreadsheet applications


Localized Numbers & Dates

Multiple Currencies

Native Language UI/Help

English, French, German

Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese


Supports Named Ranges

86 Formula Functions

Excel Import and Export

Copy and Paste from Excel

Rapid Deployment

Import from Excel

Easy Mapping

No JavaScripting Required

Use SpreadSheet Calculations for Fields

User Demanded UI

100% ServiceNow® Web-Based Spreadsheet

No External Plugins - “It just works!”

Quick to Load, Tiny 6M Cached Application

ServiceNow Aware Fields



Security / ACL

Advanced Mapping

Patent Pending Mapping Engine

Intelligent Field Mapping

Map Queries and Records

As a Business User/Manager

UXsheets will enable your organization to migrate Excel Spreadsheet apps into ServiceNow in a fraction of the time and maintain the “Spreadsheet” view/editing of the data that users are already familiar with. This will allow you to now control and report upon those 100’s … maybe even 1000’s of independent databases (each spreadsheet on a desktop).

If you can’t track it, you can’t manage it!

Imagine leveraging the reporting capabilities of ServiceNow and even Performance Analytics to your data in all those spreadsheets!

Major Benefits

  • Reduce deployment/development costs
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure investment
  • Increase user adoption and satisfaction
  • Migrate Shadow IT spreadsheet applications for complete visibility and control

As a ServiceNow® Administrator

UXsheets enables you to create new applications and interfaces much faster and without concern that the end user is not going to like what you’ve done as it’s not the Excel like view they are used to.

As you are aware, creating tables and fields in ServiceNow is easy. Creating good looking forms and dealing with permissions are where a majority of the time is spent.

Complex formulas are done easily in UXsheets with no Javascripting or Business rules required. The UI is done by quickly importing the Excel SpreadSheet that your customer is already familiar with. Security is easy with the Protect/Unprotect by cells in the UXsheet.

Major Benefits

  • Reduce time of development
  • Give end user the interface they WANT
  • Do the “impossible” that was asked
  • Leverage existing spreadsheets for rapid development
  • Prototype solutions in Spreadsheets before writing anything

As a ServiceNow® End User

Tired of a clunky form’s based view of your application? Need a quicker and easier way of entering and seeing your information? UXsheets is a must. It hides all the complexity of the ServiceNow application and just lets you enter in your information in an intuitive and easy manner.

Major Benefits

  • EASY to use. You already know spreadsheets
  • No more endless popup forms to fill out
  • Hides the complexity of the data/relations and just lets you enter the information
  • Don't give up your existing way of working just to be in ServiceNow®