UXstorm PDF Application

Bringing real PDF output to ServiceNow®

It doesn’t matter what industry or what department you are in. There are always forms that must be filled in to get permission, work done, something ordered, something billed . . . On top of this mountain of forms lay many processes, approvals, revisions . . .

ServiceNow® is an awesome platform for automation of these items, except the creation of PDF forms.

UXstorm PDF enables the creation of PDFs using preexisting PDFs as templates. This is not a simple “generate a PDF” from a ServiceNow® form. UXstorm PDF takes the exact form required and populates it with information already collected in your automated process.

Do you have Requests/Forms in ServiceNow® that you wish would produce a better printout? The default functionality will provide the data in PDF, but it's not really formatable. With UXstorm PDF, you can have your Graphic Artist create a great looking output for that record and now have a totally configurable Print function for a form. Please check the media attachments for an example and a video.

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Create PDFs

Automatically based upon Creation

On demand by UI Action

Versioned PDFs

Guarantee single PDF

Version by Number

Version by Date


Password Protect and Encrypt PDFs

Encrypts any transfer of sensitive fields

Flatten PDF so it is not fillable

Map to any table

Direct Mapping


By Lists


Automate Federal Forms

Uses existing PDFs as template

Reproduces required PDF

Handles multiple PDFs per record

AES256 Encryption

As a Business User/Manager

Your organization may have many manual processes built around PDF Forms that require the sending, emailing, signing, passing around. Where is it???

ServiceNow® offers a great platform to automate these processes, reduce the cost of business and improve productivity. However, some of the processes require the use of existing PDF forms that must be filled out and filed, or passed to another part of the organization. This is an issue today with ServiceNow®’s PDF capabilities, but is exactly where UXstorm PDF Application steps in to help you.

With UXstorm PDF Application, you can now automate these processes and still produce the required PDF at the end of the automated ServiceNow® process.

There are many areas where the lack of good printing controls limits your investment in ServiceNow® - with UXstorm PDF Application you can:

  • Produce required PDF forms
  • Create Invoice Slips
  • Create Contracts
  • Produce Human Resource (HR) Documents with your organizational letter head, graphics, and legal information

As a ServiceNow® Administrator

With all the great work you’ve done with ServiceNow®, have you heard questions from your managers and users like these?

Can’t you make it look better when printed?

We still have to fill in a PDF Form to send out to XYZ at the end of this process.

Can you make ServiceNow® print out a great looking certificate/order form/invoice/ …?

With UXstorm PDF Application, you can use any pre-existing fillable/non protected PDF as a template and have data from ServiceNow® populate the PDF. This lets you:

  • Automate process that require PDF(s) as output
  • Using the Adobe Products, create great looking PDF forms to have awesome printable output for any record in ServiceNow®

As a ServiceNow® End User

Yes, ServiceNow® is great, fabulous, awesome . . . but are you still doing manual processes around your PDF Forms?

Did you hear the processes could be automated, but the PDF form would still need to be filled in by hand? Or were you told it would cost too much to be able to produce that PDF at the end of the process?

Do you need better-looking printouts or PDFs – something you’ll be proud to send to clients around the data inside ServiceNow®?

Figure it out – exactly how much time do you spend filling out forms manually in your work environment?

If your organization used UXstorm PDF Application, many of these issues could be resolved. You could spend less time on manual processes AND present great output of your work!