UXstorm PDF

It might be a little trite to say, but when automating a PDF form or trying to digitize your processes, you must be able to produce the PDF filled in at the end of the process. In other words, "It's not over until the Lady Sings!"

I've encountered this many times over the last 20 years working on solutions for the U.S. Federal Government. Many of my customers were 'digitizing their forms' or trying to get rid of PDFs altogether. Many of them were not successful because of one major issue: they could not produce the PDF filled in at the end of the process. I found this out the hard way in the early 2000s with one customer that was implementing a wonderful product my company sold to them that did workflow and forms processing exceedingly well. Unfortunately, it could not fill in the PDFs at the end of the process.

What happened to that customer? Believe it or not, they implemented automated processes and forms in the product! But you say, "what about the PDFs being filled in? They are required." You would be correct; in this case, the automation of the processes was so beneficial that they had an employee copy and paste the data into the forms at the end of the process. WOW! Talk about how painful it was for the unmanaged process. I expect the person tasked to do that probably did a lot of singing. Image if they could have just produced the PDFs with all the data in the system?

Well... with UXstorm® and ServiceNow® cases like this are no longer an issue. ServiceNow® does a great job with the Automation and Workflow, and with UXstorm® PDF Application, those PDFs can be filled in during or at the end of the process. UXstorm® PDF Application goes beyond just filling in the forms; it makes the entire process easier and supportable.

So let UXstorm® PDF Application do the singing for you. Check out our product today!