Our company Mission Statement is simple, and very direct. You may think immediately of UI when the term UX is mentioned. While UXstorm will eventually offer UI tools, there are many UX gaps in ServiceNow® which have nothing to do with the UI. With the new ServicePortal emergence, we all hope the desired UI features will be brought to market. We prefer not to re-invent the wheel.

Federal First Focus

All of our development is performed on US soil by US citizens. We do not utilize the ServiceNow® developer instances for our work because they are in Singapore.

Our founder has worked with US Federal entities for 16 years.

This doesn’t mean that Commercial customers are not important. On the contrary, the extra security requirements required by Federal ensures that UXstorm meets higher development and security standards than most software.

SAAS - Software Only

We produce only software. This is our sole objective. There are no basic professional services or extra professional services required to use our applications.

This means no ‘extra’ costs for using UXstorm software.

We are not distracted by trying to place contractors and make them a profit center.

UXstorm’s entire focus is on your software and its support.


Customers receive a support portal for their software.

Support provided through website/phone/email.

Software designed to enhance your work with ServiceNow® and increase the work done by your organization or any Professional Services working on your instance.