UXstorm LocalScript Application

MID Server Scripting: simpler, reliable, and consistent.

ServiceNow®’s MID Server gives you awesome integration capabilities. The overhead of implementing it for any custom work, though, has been too daunting, too confusing because of lack of documentation, or has been simply too much complex coding for many organizations. With UXstorm’s LocalScript you can integrate your Legacy, Custom Applications, and Commercial Products with ServiceNow® — all with less effort and better results. UXstorm’s LocalScript lets you spend your time on integration/work, not on all the communications, XML, parsing, etc., normally required with MID Server Scripting!

Using UXstorm’s LocalScript reduces your project’s code by up to 90% — and that’s not a typo. Meanwhile, it produces a HUGE improvement in your integration's reliability — which is money in the bank. Because your code is now leaner and focuses only on your integration, HUGE time/cost savings are realized. With UXstorm’s LocalScript, your work isn’t leaner and meaner — it’s leaner and cleaner. Testability and supportability are now vastly improved.

If you don’t have a current project requiring UXstorm’s LocalScript, don’t wait! Think of your new possibilities — are there commercial and/or open source applications that will increase the value of your ServiceNow® implementation? DON’T wait, get UXstorm’s LocalScript and start!

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Simplifies Java Integrations

Uses only JavaScript Objects


No Complex APIs

Reduces Code by 90%


Robust Error Handling

Unit Test Interface

Debugging Interface

Handles Down MID Servers

Access Almost Any JAR

JARs Managed on Instance

JARs Managed on Instance

All Methods Available via JavaScript

JavaScript Looks like it's on your Instance

Seamless Communications

Uses the MID Server

Handles All the Communication

Sends Attachments to MID Server

Handles Binary

Looks Like ServiceNow®

Pure JavaScript

Handles Current Record

All Scripts on One Page

Works With Scopes

Examples & Uses

Use To Scan Images With OCR

Integrate Legacy/Current Apps

Integrate Custom Apps

Use Open Source Libraries

Business User/Manager

You invest in ServiceNow® as a central source of truth . . . or it should be. But some of your enterprise applications don’t ‘hook up’ well to ServiceNow®. Many of them have Java Interfaces — but your team may still struggle to get reliable end-to-end functionality.

It’s understandable. The overhead of implementing custom integrations with the ServiceNow®’s MID Server, with its awesome integration capabilities . . . that project task may have been too daunting, or too confusing because of the lack of documentation, or simply may have been complexity for your organization.

Sound familiar? Smile — the sun’s coming out. UXstorm has a solution for you. It saves you time, effort, and money.

Use UXstorm’s LocalScript to integrate your legacy apps, your custom applications, your open source and your commercial products with ServiceNow® – all with less effort for your admins and with better results.

UXstorm’s LocalScript lets you spend your team’s time on integration and infrastructure, not on all the communications, XML, parsing, etc., normally required with MID Server Scripting! Using UXstorm’s LocalScript will reduce your project’s code by up to 90% — and that’s not a typo.

Your project’s Gantt chart and budget never looked so good, did they?

With UXstorm’s LocalScript, your administrators can have easy, reliable, and consistent access to the libraries they need to create that better user interface, to get to that better user experience.

That’s why we’re called UXstorm.

ServiceNow® Administrator

You’ve just been asked to 'integrate' an application that doesn’t have web services or an easy access path through ServiceNow®. Let the flopsweat begin!

If this has happened to you, you’ve probably looked at the JavascriptProbe method and the ServiceNow® MID server. You may even have your solution working.

But ask yourself — How long did it take? How hard was it? Did you miss anything? How reliable is it? How good is its support? Would better administration tools help? How would you like to do it in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost, with consistency, less complexity and greater reliability?

UXstorm has just what you need. UXstorm’s LocalScript reduces the complexity of integrations using the MID Server in ServiceNow® to make the tasks consistent and reliable.

Working with the MID Server is an asynchronous activity including time delays and a reliance on MID Server availability. With UXstorm’s LocalScript, we’ve made MID Server Scripting as nearly as easy as regular Scripting on the ServiceNow® instance.

LocalScript also hides all the complexities of dealing with the MID Servers, ECC queue, availability, and so on. There’s even an exceptional error handling to help you resolve issues more quickly.

With UXstorm’s LocalScript, you can make an integration using Java Libraries with up to 90% less code than without Localscript. That’s not a typo — 90% less code!

It’s why we’re taking the ServiceNow® community . . . by storm.

ServiceNow® End User

How many systems do you have to use?

What are their interfaces like?

You have ServiceNow®: how would you like to have it be more of the 'central' point for your contact with these other systems?

Your administrator probably has the 'easy' ones already hooked up. You can see the benefit. What you may not know is that some of those systems are very difficult to interface with and have probably been put very low on the totem pole of priorities. Have your Admin look at UXstorm’s LocalScript. With it, integration to Legacy, COTs, etc., products with Java Interfaces is greatly reduced! Who knows? You may get that integration you’ve been looking for!